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Digital Documentation Improves Accuracy and Convenience

Apr 03, 2024  •  7 Minute Read
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By Peter Strahm, CPS Technician

Modern technology makes it possible to complete tasks faster and more efficiently, but quicker results shouldn’t come with the price tag of sacrificing accuracy or convenience.

Corporate Project Services had this in mind when creating the Wenger Document Portal—a platform that allows us to deliver manuals and technical documentation digitally, enabling Wenger customers to merge speed, accuracy and convenience. It’s another way we’re striving to reach our north star mission: unparalleled customer experience.

Get Started Sooner on New Projects

One of the greatest benefits of our portal is giving customers a head start on project planning and execution. Through the Wenger Document Portal, we can push documentation out weeks before equipment ships; and having early access allows customers to immediately start planning essential details of their new facility. Customers can use the parts and user manuals, engineering drawings, and vendor documents to assess equipment layout, plumbing and wiring requirements, and installation instructions. They can establish maintenance and safety plans and start training employees … before the equipment even arrives.

Access the Most Accurate Documentation

There’s no room for inaccuracy in manufacturing. The portal gives Wenger multiple tools to provide the most accurate information possible in a fast and convenient way. As soon as engineering is complete, we publish a preliminary version of all required manuals onto the portal, long before any equipment is shipped. We publish a final version after the equipment is built, updating all documents to reflect any engineering changes. One built-in safeguard is that the portal does not allow customers to download and print preliminary versions, which ensures inaccurate information in a printed manual will never get into the customers hands or tucked into a desk file. Customers can only view preliminary versions in the online, digital form.

Manuals on the portal are living and breathing documents that we update on a regular basis, so you know you’re always downloading the most current version. Manuals never become outdated because we can quickly update engineering changes in our parts manuals using the XML environment. Any time a user manual is updated, it gets pushed out to every customer with that manual in their documentation so they’re always confident they’re accessing the latest information.

Enjoy Searchability and Quick Updates

Convenience, by definition, is a quality of being easy or useful by reducing time and/or effort to accomplish a task.

We designed the Wenger Document Portal with customer convenience in mind. It offers many tools that make tasks less difficult for customers—with little effort, customers can now search documentation by part number. You can also select parts within the parts manual and easily generate and submit a quote request directly to Wenger Parts Sales.

We understand the global nature of your business and the challenges that creates in getting the right documents in the right hands—especially when those right hands are located in different continents across the globe. The Wenger Document Portal allows us to make all manual sets retrievable to multiple users with the click of a button.

Translating documents is another task made simpler and more convenient in the portal, as it can switch to 20 different languages. If a customer orders a translation, the language change automatically replaces the default English user manual with the translated version.

Our user manuals and parts manuals are cross referenced extensively in their digital format. From the parent BOM in our parts manuals, customers can click to all the different BOMs beneath it. The user manual consistently links related content like procedures and maintenance instructions to the relevant equipment.

Reach Experts with One Click

In the Wenger Document Portal, we can easily and quickly give multiple customer users access to view online documentation. It’s also a quick way to get in touch with the CPS team if concerns or issues arise. When logged in, customers can email our team directly from the portal, and we always have someone available during normal business hours who will prioritize portal support, pursue uploading more information, or grant access as needed. 

We’re Always Seeking to Make It Better

This ability to be flexible and constantly improve digital content is one of our greatest strengths and another way we provide an unparalleled customer experience. And, our customers’ voices are being heard. Some of our best content improvements have come directly from a customer saying, “this doesn’t work” or, “I would like this in the manual.” Reach out to CPS, the Technical Publications team, your service tech or salesperson with ideas—we’re all here to listen! If the idea is possible and makes a positive impact, you’ll very likely soon find it implemented on the Wenger Document Portal.

If you want to learn more about the Wenger Document Portal, please reach out to our team.

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